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Lobby Day TrainingThis training is for first-time lobbyists! Join us for Lobbying 101 and feel confident speaking with legislators on Lobby Day itself.

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6:30 pmOnline
Abolish the Death Penalty–RAC Ohio Campaign LaunchJoin Ohio’s Reform Jewish congregations as we kick-off our Death Penalty Abolition Campaign. Learn about what Judaism has to say about this issue, hear from those directly impacted and find out the next steps to take action to abolish the death penalty in the Buckeye State.

Featured Speakers: Ricky Jackson, Ohio Death Row Exoneree & Dr. Donna Mayerson, Psychologist.

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8 pmOnline
October 2021
Lobby Day TrainingThis training will be a more in-depth version of the first lobbying training. This training is strongly recommended for those attending Lobby Day 2021!

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6:30 pmOnline
Death Penalty Abolition Week for Ohio Faith CommunitiesJoin people of faith across Ohio to stand in solidarity for abolition of the death penalty. Recognizing the injustices in our criminal justice system, we are unwilling to participate in the cruel and inhumane practice of sentencing our fellow neighbors to death. We join together across religious traditions calling in one voice for the abolition of the death penalty.

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Justice Gone WrongCan you imagine being sentenced to death for a crime you didn’t commit?

185 people nationwide know what that feels like and the number continues to grow.

Join us for a powerful conversation with Phillip Morris, the author of the National Geographic article, “Sentenced to Death but Innocent”.

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Co-sponsored by Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Peace Fellowship.
6 pmOnline
Lobby Week 2021October 19, 2021 will mark 40 years that Ohio enacted its current death penalty statute. 40 years of racial injustice, 40 years of wrongful convictions, and 40 years harming the families of murder victims. 
Enough is enough. #NoDeathPenaltyOH wants to use this unfortunate anniversary as a moment to make a huge, positive impact on our campaign to end the death penalty.

That’s why we’re asking you to join us on October 19 for the first #NoDeathPenaltyOH Lobby Week! You are invited to lobby your legislators to support SB 103 and HB 183 that would abolish Ohio’s broken death penalty. This is your opportunity to make the case to your representative why you care about ending the death penalty!

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Recurring events

Every Tues
Textbanking Tuesday!Join us every Tuesday for an hour of phone and text banking, and writing workshops for those who want to submit testimony or letters-to-the-editor (or even an op-ed if you’re fancy). Every Tuesday, we will have multiple Zoom “rooms,” one for each method of engagement.
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Office hoursVirtual office hours for the #NoDeathPenaltyOH organizing team. Come ask questions, troubleshoot projects you’re working on, and more!
Every other Weds
OTSE Live!The next OTSE Live! is on 7/21. Join the OTSE staff as they discuss what brought them to the movement.
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5:30pm ESTFacebook