About the campaign

#NoDeathPenaltyOH is the official campaign to end Ohio’s death penalty. Since its reintroduction in 1981, the death penalty has proven to be an expensive, racist, arbitrary system that convicts innocent people. Ohio can keep our citizens safe and hold individuals accountable for their actions without the death penalty– in fact, it’s what we already do the vast majority of the time.

HB 183 and SB 103 are identical bills that would repeal Ohio’s death penalty. Both bills have strong bipartisan support, demonstrating how important repeal is to both sides of the aisle.

It’s time to move Ohio forward to join the 23 other states that have already abandoned the death penalty.

Partners in the fight to abolish Ohio’s death penalty

  • ACLU of Ohio
  • ACLU National
  • The Amos Project
  • The 8th Amendment Project
  • Catholic Conference of Ohio
  • Catholic Mobilizing Network
  • Conservatives Concerned about the Death Penalty
  • Death Penalty Action
  • Equal Justice USA
  • Innovation Ohio
  • Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center
  • The Ohio Council of Churches
  • The Ohio Fair Courts Alliance
  • The Ohio Transformation Fund
  • The Ohio Student Association
  • The Marianist Social Justice Collaborative
  • RAC-OH
  • The Ohio Justice and Policy Center
  • Reprieve
  • Responsible Business Initiative
  • Witness to Innocence
  • Catholics Against Capital Punishment
  • The Musketeer Association
  • National Congress on Faith & Social Justice
  • Dominican Sisters of Peace
  • Amnesty International
  • National Hispanic Leadership Agenda
  • National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty
  • NADP
  • The Central District Conference of Mennonite Church USA
  • League of Women Voters – Ohio
  • People of Faith Against the Death Penalty
  • The World Coalition Against the Death Penalty
  • Death Penalty Focus
  • The International Federation of ACATs
  • Soto Zen Buddhist Association
  • International Commission against Execution
  • Journey of Hope
  • Campaign to End the Death Penalty
  • Penal Reform International
  • Student Abolition
  • American Solidarity Party
  • Vote Common Good
  • Episcopal Peace Fellowship
  • The National Council of Jewish Women, Cleveland
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Coalition
  • Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio (UUJ)
  • Democrats for Life
  • Ohio Fair Court Alliance
  • Pro Black Pro Life

To join this list, email Jennifer@otse.org.