#NoDeathPenaltyOH Tabling Toolkit

Tabling is a great way to raise awareness, educate the public, recruit new supporters, and generate action to end the death penalty. Thank you for your interest in helping us table for the #NoDeathPenaltyOH campaign!

We hope that this toolkit will help you make the most out of your tabling experience as well as maximize the impact of our campaign!

You can download the full toolkit (zip file, 8MB) or choose pieces from the inventory below.

In the toolkit:

QR code displays: Show these prominently at the table

These should be printed in color and displayed prominently. One idea is to print the lawmaker QR code, laminate it, and attach it to the back of your clipboards. That way, when someone says they don’t have enough time to fill out a postcard (see below), you can get them to send a message to their lawmakers easily on their phone.

Each display is available in 8.5 x 11 (for printing on home printers) and 18 x 24 (yard sign size that can be printed at most do-it-yourself print shops). Reach out to #NoDeathPenaltyOH organizers if you need different sizes/formats.

Action Postcards: Have people fill these out and give them back to you.

Thumbnail preview of action postcards

It is our top priority to get as many of these filled out as possible. Each page generates 2 messages to lawmakers AND mobilizes a new supporter for the campaign.

Reach out to an organizer from the #NoDeathPenaltyOH campaign to get pre-printed copies of these, or you can print them on your own. They must, however, be printed on card stock, or the post office will not take them.

Read through the instructions on the postcards to familiarize yourself with how they work. You should collect all postcards at the end of your tabling session and make sure they get back to a #NoDeathPenaltyOH organizer.

Sign-up sheets: Have these on clipboards for people who don’t want to do a postcard.

If someone doesn’t want to take the time to do a full page of postcards, encourage them to fill this out. You can have a stack of them on the table and/or walk around with them on clipboards.

Feel free to print these double- or single-sided, in color or in black and white.

Once you get a full sheet filled out, write the date and where you got the sign-ups at the top of the page. This will help us in doing data entry.

Handout with action steps: Give these to people who don’t want to act right away.

Thumbnail preview of handout with action steps

This piece has a good overview of the issues with the death penalty. It also has QR codes and links for people to take action.

If someone seems interested but is too busy or just doesn’t want to fill anything out, give this to them. It’s our best chance of getting them engaged once they’re home.

These should be printed double sided and can be in color or black and white.

Engagement order:

  • Start with the postcards. These help us get messages to lawmakers AND gather information on new supporters and activists – a 2-for-1. Help people see how simple it is to just write one or two sentences to their lawmakers, and make sure they fill out all of the blanks.
    • If someone is unwilling to fill out a postcard, try to get them to at least fill out a sign-up sheet. That way, we can capture as much information about them as possible.
    • If they don’t want to fill anything out by hand, try to get them to scan a QR code, preferably the ‘Contact Your Lawmakers’ code, which allows them to take action on their phone. This is also a 2-for-1, as it gets a message to lawmakers as well as captures people’s information.
    • If they seem interested but won’t do any of these things, give them the “Handout with action steps.” This way, they have good information as well as ways to take action on their own.
  • If someone is eager to learn more or get more involved after completely filling out the postcard, tell them about organizing in your region. Get them to sign up on the sign-up sheet and make a special note next to their entry to alert the #NoDeathPenaltyOH organizers. Invite them to the next event (nodeathpenalty.org/upcoming-events) or invite them to a regional organizing meeting!

Tabling tips and tricks:

  • The opportunities for tabling are endless. You can table at universities, conferences, concerts, music festivals, churches, church festivals, fairs, farmer’s markets and all kinds of other events, BUT the best ways to prioritize tabling locations are to focus on:
    • Locations where there is a high volume of foot traffic.
    • Locations in districts represented by a target lawmaker.
    • Locations where you are likely to encounter some of your issues’ key stakeholders, like members of law enforcement, victims’ family members, or religious leaders. 
  • Use music or video to draw attention to your table. You can also hand out SWAG or candy for people to take.
  • Don’t put a blank sign-up sheet on your clipboard. People hate to be the first ones to sign up. If you only have blank sheets, fill out the first line yourself.
  • Don’t just stand behind the table looking at your phone. Come out in front of your table and strike up conversations with people. 
  • If you don’t know the answer to someone’s question, offer to find out and get back to them later.
  • Don’t forget:
    • Paperweights and/or rubber bands to help on windy days.
    • Sunscreen if you’re going to be outside for a long time.
    • Tape to hang up your signs and attach items to the table.
    • Pens!

#NoDeathPenaltyOH Organizers

Jennifer Pryor, Ohioans to Stop Executions

Bekky Baker, Ignite Peace