‘Lights’ of life and ‘shadows’ of death

Columbus Catholic Times Columnist Mark Huddy shares his hope for “a renewed culture of life” in Ohio, including an end to the state’s death penalty.

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Former Ohio prisons director concerned about use of nitrogen suffocation in executions

The former director of the state’s prison system is concerned about a Republican-sponsored bill that would add nitrogen gas to the law requiring lethal injection to carry out executions in Ohio. And he also now has questions about the death penalty itself.

Gary Mohr supervised 15 executions as director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction under Republican former Gov. John Kasich, including the most recent one in July 2018.

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Emerging Polls Indicate Majority Support for Abolishing Death Penalty in Ohio

New polling shows that Ohians want an end to the death penalty. “Ohioans understand that the system can’t be fixed, can’t be applied fairly and any attempt to do so is both a waste of money and fundamental misunderstanding of where Ohio’s values are aligned. The people of Ohio want to protect and sustain life, which means abolishing the death penalty.”

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Ohio Attorney General’s Push to Revive the Death Penalty is Untimely, Unseemly, and Unnecessary

Allen Johnson, who witnessed more than 20 executions as a journalist, says that “Yost is woefully misguided in pushing Ohio to follow suit with Alabama by adopting nitrogen hypoxia for capital punishment.”

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Overseeing death of 15 Ohio men had deep impact on me. Plan to suffocate with gas horrific.

Gary Mohr worked in the corrections field 49 years, lastly as director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections from 2011 to 2018. Now he’s calling for an end to the death penalty.

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Ohio shouldn’t pursue new execution method

The Chronicle Telegram editorial board rejects lawmakers’ proposal to introduce a new method of execution. “Ohio would be better served to abolish the death penalty rather than to seek a new way to carry out executions.”

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Sanctity of Human Life: To defend human dignity, Catholics must remember who they are

Will Kuehnle writes about the importance of working to repeal Ohio’s death penalty, particularly as Catholic’s participate in and celebrate January’s pro-life activities.

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The Road Not Taken: In 2023 Two Death Penalty States Offer Americans a Clear Choice

Columnist Austin Sarat looks at the current state of the death penalty in the United States, looking at the differences between how Florida and Ohio handled the practice in 2024. Sarat highlights the country’s move away from the death penalty and how Ohio is approaching abolition.

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After Five-Year Execution Pause, Ohio Leaders Question Value of Death Penalty

A proposed death penalty repeal bill in the Ohio legislature is drawing attention to the state’s five-year pause on executions, and leading state officials from both parties to question whether the death penalty system is working. Ohio Attorney General David Yost (pictured) summed up the situation by saying, “This system satisfies nobody. Those who oppose the death penalty want it abolished altogether, not ticking away like a time bomb that might or might not explode. Those who support the death penalty want it to be fair, timely and effective. Neither side is getting what it wants while the state goes on pointlessly burning through enormous taxpayer resources.”

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